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1. Program Overview

Our loyalty program is designed to reward and appreciate our valued customers who regularly purchase Korean skincare products from Ature webstore. The program offers exclusive benefits and rewards based on customer loyalty and engagement.

2. Membership

Membership in the loyalty program is free and open to all customers who make a purchase on Ature webstore. Customers can enroll in the loyalty program by creating an account on our website and opting into the program during the registration process.

3. Earning Points

Members earn points for every purchase made on our website. The number of points earned is based on the total purchase amount, excluding taxes, shipping fees, and returns. Points may also be earned for other actions such as referring friends, writing product reviews, or following our social media, as follows:

 Place an order  3 points for every 1 EUR spent
Celebrate a birthday  500 points
Follow on Instagram 100 points
Referring to a friend 15% discount

    *Referring to a friend

    You will receive 15% discount once your friend made a purchase and your friend will receive 10% discount on his/ her first order. There is no limitation on how many people you can refer.

    4. Redeeming Points

    Members can redeem their accumulated points for discounts or rewards on eligible purchases during the checkout process on our website. The number of points required for redemption will vary based on the chosen reward or discount. The available redeeming points available now are:

     100 points  1 EUR discount

    5. Program Modifications and Termination

    Ature reserve the right to modify or terminate the loyalty program at any time without prior notice, including the reward or required points to redeem the reward. However, any accrued points will be honored until the termination date. In the event of program termination, we will communicate the termination details to members through email or other available communication channels.

    6. Program Abuse

    Any fraudulent or abusive activity related to the loyalty program, including but not limited to multiple account creation, false referrals, birthday or point manipulation, may result in the immediate cancellation of the member's account and the forfeiture of all accumulated points.

    7. Effective Date

    Ature Loyalty Program applies as of 15 July 2023. Any history purchases prior to the effective date will not be accounted to Ature Points. 

    8. Program Acceptance

    By participating in our loyalty program, members agree to comply with the program's terms and conditions as outlined in this policy.